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To see a Mutlimove Cell, what mean two (or more) robots get contolled over on controller with one teach pendant, here both robots on external axes and the very big positioner couplet on the one controller too, what it make to a system with sixteen synchrinised axes. Was very exciting and funny.
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12 KUKA robots synchron (KIR)
Video is made by KUKA

Fanuc robots building Fanuc robots.
(With this cell get builded the Fanuc model robot, I have stay in the front of my motorhome,
at the Automatica 2008 in Munich):
Video is made by FANUC

ABB Multivom-System.
Positioner with two in Multivome copmaion.
Video made by ABB on Youtube ABB channel

Yaskawa Motoman
ARC welding with visuell checking.
Video made by Yaskawa on Youtube Yaskawa Europ channel

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